Why Choose Our Wooden Pallet Company


Your business can reap huge benefits by changing to a more future-focused, business-oriented, technology-driven pallet company.

  • Food-Grade Washed Pallets

  • Monthly Tracking

  • Debit-Type Payment System

  • Recycling Recognition & Tracking

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • On-Site Employee

  • Pallet Exchange

  • Immediate EMERGNCY Access to your Account Executive

  • Up to Date Information

  • Highest Levels of Security

Cloud-Based Portal Communication Tool

24/7/365 immediate and auto-encrypted access to all documents & files

Data always available and retrievable

Paperless Delivery System

BOL systems in place for facilities in our shopping area

Trailers, volume, and information is sent instantly to whomever you designate

Get rid of paper once and for all

Online Meetings

We place HIGH value on your time

Any PC or mobile device you can see, hear, and conference with us in real time

VIP Immediate Emergency Access to your Account Executive

Contact us via a specialized procedure we provide to only our clients

Pallet Exchange

Pick up pallets at facility A and make them available at facility B

National Pallet Management and Tracking

State of the art technology

Source pallets through our privately-owned pallet companies or pallet partners

Rental Pallet Retrieval, Tracking, & Return

Eliminate labor in sorting, tracking, accounting

Gain more square footage in your facility

Get your trucks and trailers back into rotation for your use

Eliminate Risk Factors

Pallets are purchased, tracked, and sold by us

You don’t have to worry about working with several companies

On-Site Employee

We can provide a designated shop employee to sort your pallets

Debit Payment System

Allows us to pay you ahead of time on used pallets

We pay you and auto deduct what is due monthly

Yearly Award & Recycling Recognition

Recycling plaque to reflect your recycled board footage

Get the green recognition you deserve