Wooden Pallet Recycling Program


Recycling is one of Palleton’s largest focuses. Recycling the pallets saves trees, energy and diverts usable materials from landfills. Most wooden pallets can be reused and repaired multiple times. When the wood is no longer usable the pallet can be mulched for livestock bedding and much more. We provide financial incentives to return your pallets. Call us today and find out how you can save money on recycling your pallets.


  • Pallets/Recycling Material Tracking

  • Year’s End Recycling Plaque Totaling Amount of Recycled Product

  • Facility Tracking as well as Total Combined for Corporate Recognition

  • Individual Plaques and Corporate Plaque for Multiple Locations

  • Deserved Recognition for Decreasing Carbon Footprint


Yearly Palleton will keep track of the pallets/wood that you recycle. Palleton will present you with a plaque to reward your recycling efforts. Why wait to get the recognition you deserve?