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Eco Huts Project (Crazy Crates) - Fontenelle Forest Nature Center
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The Open Door Mission Water Drive

X-treme Obstacle Course

  Pilger, NE Disaster Relief

Team Palleton - Palleton of Minnesota.

Yearly Sponsor of the Charity Classic - Fremont, NE

- Care Corps (Fremont homeless shelter)

- Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity

- Mainstreet of Fremont (Non-profit serving downtown Fremont)

- Low Income Ministries (Fremont area food pantry)

* The Charity Classic benefits the four organizations above.


Contributions to the Mira Foundation for seeing eye dog

Palleton serviced many companies during the flood efforts of 2011

Recognition for mulch donation to the community of Fremont, NE

Proud member of the Deer Park Neighborhood Association - Omaha NE