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About Us

Larry D. Meyer
President & CEO

Palleton, Inc. is unique in the pallet industry due to our ability to service customers with multiple locations throughout the Midwest.  Having seven strategically located facilities allows our customers to minimize the hassles that come when working with multiple pallet providers, such as paperwork and tracking.


Our multiple locations also make it possible for customers to participate in a pallet exchange program.  Using this program, pallets can be picked up and credited from one location and delivered to another location with minimal to no transportation costs.  These programs prove beneficial for several of our large customers with multiple facilities.


Palleton has also worked closely with food processing plants over the last 30 years.  During this time, we have adopted the same practices that all food companies must abide to and implemented them in our facilities.  Some of these practices include facility dock doors, pest control, food grade lubricants for all machinery, and pallets washed at 275 degrees and 3,000 PSI to minimize debris on food grade pallets.  We are dedicated to providing a quality food grade pallet that matches or exceeds all food grade standards.


We can also offer companies with a large pallet volume our designated shop option.  With this option, we would open and staff a facility dedicated to your company’s specific requirements and needs.  Please contact us if you would like more information regarding our designated shop option.


Palleton is happy to offer our customers monthly Excel reports showing their usage, recycled pallet tracking and recognition, convenient scheduling department, and a dedicated customer service agent assigned to your company. 
Many times we begin our business relationship as a secondary vendor and quickly
progress to become the primary pallet provider.

"We guarantee that our customer service and quality are second to none!"